The Causes of Arthritis Back Pain

back pain010 - The Causes of Arthritis Back PainIt is very common to hear people complaining that their backs ache. In fact, back pain is one of the most prevalent medical problems in the United States. Regardless of age and gender, people can get arthritis back pain anytime. When your back suffers an injury, you would feel the pain. Over time, you may not recall the injury or incident but the trauma remains. Actually, the pain that you feel is your body’s message that it needs medical attention. Much as you would not want to seek treatment, you really ought to get help as early as possible to preclude any possibility of a more serious condition or disabling your back further.

Although anyone can suffer from back pain, there are a number of factors that tends to increase one’s risk to get it. These are age, physical fitness, diet, ethnicity, heredity, pregnancy, stress, lack of sleep, stress, overweight, poor posture and other underlying medical reasons such as arthritis that largely contribute to pain in the lower back. Arthritis is a condition of joint inflammation which gives rise to arthritis back pain.

There are two types of arthritis that are very common: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage wears down or when there is a decrease in the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. As the bones lose their protection, pain and swelling appear. Osteoarthritis can damage any joint including the vertebrae. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis is the most severe form of arthritis. Without treatment, it could lead to permanent deformation or destruction of the joints thereby causing disability and drastic changes in your life.

Sprains, muscle strain caused by overexertion, and other forms of injury can give rise to arthritis back pain. Often, it can be remedied with the use of simple medication. In time, the pulled muscle should be able to heal. However, there are times when the severity of an arthritis back pain would require surgery or other procedures. It should be stressed that lower back pain is not a disease in itself. Rather it is a symptom of a problem such as arthritis.

A person suffering from arthritis back pain can feel discomfort and pain that range from mild to severe. The onset can be very slow or it may be sudden in case of an injury. People may have to deal with their back pain in a relatively quick time although it can also last longer, for weeks, months or years even.

Arthritis back pain differs in quality. It can be sudden, dull or sharp. Even simple movements like sneezing or coughing can produce pain. In case of severe pain lasting for more than a week, medical attention is in order. An early diagnosis of the back pain can facilitate the implementation of treatment and other procedures necessary to reduce the pain level and reduce the chance of it progressing into a disability sometime in the future. Do not delay seeking medical help if your pain stops you from going about your daily activities and moreso if you have lost mobility.

Do be kind to your back. Treat it property. Go to the doctor in cases of persistent arthritis back pain or anytime you feel worried about your back pain. You would be sparing yourself of further stress and ensure that your back gets a timely and appropriate treatment. This way you can look forward to more fruitful years ahead.

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