Tips for Back and Neck Pain Relief

back pain011 - Tips for Back and Neck Pain ReliefBack and neck pains are common among people who work long hours sitting at their office desk. In fact, back and neck pain is the most commonly complained about office-related condition, particularly where computers are involved. This is because sitting for several continuous hours in front of a computer is a very unnatural position for the body. When this kind of posture is held for many hours, back and neck pain is likely to occur.

Back and neck pains were not a common problem in the workplace prior to the arrival of the computer. In the past, people were not tied to their workstations for hours on end. Today, however, computers have become an integral part of any office or business work. Nearly every aspect of a business is controlled by computers and most office tasks require the use of computers. For the modern day workers, this means spending most of their day at their desk performing their jobs typing on their computers. It won’t be long until many of them start to experience back and neck pain.

Back and neck pain can be minimized in the workplace, and there are ways to accomplish this. For one, having a suitable chair to sit on for most of the day can help minimize back and neck pain. The right chair can help maintain the proper positioning of the head and neck while seated in front of a computer. A chair that has arm rests is better as the arm rests will provide support to the elbows and also the neck. To address the growing problem of back and neck pain in the workplace, many office and home furniture companies now offer ergonomically designed office chairs.

In addition to ergonomic chairs, small foot rests can prove to be useful as they can elevate the legs and ensure that the body remains at an ideal angle (about 90 degrees). Furthermore, women can minimize back and neck pain by wearing low heeled shoes. There are other types of equipment that can be used to help minimize back and neck pain. Most of these special equipment are available through companies offering various health services.

Ideally, computer monitors must be placed at an angle and at a distance so that their users won’t have to look up and crane their neck. Constant craning of the neck can cause severe tension, which in turn can cause back and neck pain. Getting up from the desk and taking short breaks throughout the day can help minimize back and neck pain. Walking around for a few minutes, gently massaging the neck and stretching the back help the body readjust itself and recover from the rigid position it had been in.


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