Never Ignore Back Pain Symptoms

back pain008 - Never Ignore Back Pain SymptomsA lot of people are unaware that pain in the lower back is the leading cause of disability in people aged 45 years and below. However, whether your back pain symptoms are in your lower back or somewhere in your back, you should never ignore them. Have a specialist examine you right away to make sure that your back pain symptoms are not caused by any underlying medical condition. The sooner you see a doctor for your back pain symptoms, the better your chances are that your back pain won’t get worse.

It is vital that you go to your doctor right away if you experience any or some of the following back pain symptoms:

  • the pain on your back becomes worse whenever you sneeze or cough
  • one or both of your legs feel numb
  • the pain on your back is preventing you from sleeping
  • the pain on your back causes you to use the bathroom (whether to pee or poop)

The above are not normal back pain symptoms so you should see your doctor right away. If you have one or two of the above back pain symptoms, you may have some kind of nerve damage. However, this can only be determined by a doctor. The sooner you see a doctor, the better the symptoms can be addressed and the sooner you can be given the appropriate treatment. If your doctor determines you have nerve damage, surgery or some other type of procedure may be your best option. But then again, the type of treatment you need would only be determined by your doctor or a back specialist.

Whenever you feel pain in your back, try to recall what you did earlier that could have possibly caused it. For instance, if you had recently been in the gym or you’ve exercised earlier at home, your back pain may simply be caused by a pulled muscle. This kind of back pain typically goes away after a couple of days. Did you recently try moving furniture or did you engage in yard work or some other type of physical activity? If so, the back pain symptoms you’re having are normal. You can try applying muscle cream or even take aspirin or ibuprofen. If the back pain symptoms don’t go away after a week, you may need to see a doctor. If you have been taking back pain medication for a week and they don’t seem to be working, stop using them and see your doctor. You may need a stronger pain medication.

When you have back pain, even if the pain is mild, it can be difficult to do things. Back pain symptoms can limit your movements and your ability to go about your daily routine. You need to be especially perceptive to back pains you may experience. A pulled muscle is not serious, but if your back pains are happening frequently and are becoming more severe each time, see a specialist. Do not ignore back pain symptoms, especially those that limit you from doing most physical activities.

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