Low Back Pain After Colon Surgery Can Be Eased By Green Tea and Other Herbs

back pain006 - Low Back Pain After Colon Surgery  Can Be Eased By Green Tea and Other HerbsThere are a number of people who complain of low back pain after colon surgery. They report that the severity of the pain interferes with their sleep. There is no reason to think that this is something rare because several persons claim the same condition. The pain source could perhaps be traced to some muscular problems although its occurrence after the surgery can also be suspect. Sufferers say that neither taking medications nor use of heating pads had been effective in reducing the intensity of their low back pain after colon surgery.

Low back pain is the last thing a person recovering from colon surgery would expect. However, low back pain after colon surgery does happen and occurs in more than one episode. If the person had similar pain even before having the procedure, there is still a big chance that he could experience the same low back pain even after his colon surgery.

One of the many symptoms of colon inflammation or colitis is low back pain and discomfort. There are several causes of colitis that fall under different categories among which are infectious colitis and ischemic colitis. Their treatments vary while severe cases of colon disorders may necessitate surgical procedures. Many times, a patient is more than willing to undergo colon surgery if only to seek relief from the many harsh discomforts they experience including the unbearable low back pain.

All colitis related problems should have been solved by the colon surgery yet patients still suffer from low back pain. And the pain gets more pronounced during bowel movement. This is disconcerting to most patients that many begin to have doubts about reaching their full life expectancy considering the many difficulties they face after the colon surgery and the enormous quantity of post-operative medications they still need to take.

The good news is you can make use of natural treatments to deal with your low back pain after colon surgery. This approach involves the drinking of green tea and consumption of herbal preparations. Your primary doctor or health care provider may restrict your diet to fruits and vegetables. While meat and dairy products are generally not allowed, generous servings of herbs are encouraged to help reduce the chances of low back pain occurring after the colon surgery.

If you will compare the ingestion of herbs versus the option of radiotherapy, no doubt you will choose the former. Radiotherapy can weaken the patient and increase the risk of suffering from low back pain after the colon surgery. With patients describing their anguish after going under the knife for their colon problems, it is high time for people to give natural alternatives more than a second look. With green tea and other herbs, low back pain after colon surgery can be minimized if not totally prevented.

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