Could Stomach and Back Pain be More Serious Than Simply Digestive Problems?

back pain007 - Could Stomach and Back Pain be More Serious Than Simply Digestive Problems?Pain is like an alert signal your body sends to you. Pain is unpleasant in order to communicate to us the urgent need to improve something. If you run into something, it hurts so that you’ll know that your body isn’t functioning as well when you run into things. If you step on hot cement barefoot and your foot hurts, that communicates that you need to take corrective measures such as cooling off the cement, staying off of the cement, or putting something between your foot and the hot cement.

If your body did not communicate these things to you, it is possible you would continue doing them until you observed that you were damaged or no longer working properly. This is why you should pay close attention to even small pains. You need to analyze whether the warning for each pain is for serious consequences or inconsequential ones.

This is true of stomach and back pain, especially when they occur together. If you are not absolutely sure that the cause of the pain is a minor thing, you need to see a doctor so that he can diagnose the cause. If it is a minor thing then you will have done your job by thoroughly examining the causes of your stomach and back pain. If it is something serious, the doctor will prescribe medications and/or steps you can take to correct the root cause of your stomach and back pain so that you don’t face much more severe consequences in the future.

Of course, stomach pain alone is often just a symptom that something you ate is affecting you adversely. You may decide to deal with this problem by taking a digestive aid from the pharmacy. You certainly should decide not to eat the offending food again. Other times it may be a symptom of an oncoming cold. It might be a good time to see if you have sick leave available. If you can’t find the cause, you better see your doctor.

Often your back will hurt because you’ve laid in a bad position in bed or you’ve been sitting too much in a poorly postured chair. Your back may also hurt because you’ve overextended it using improper lifting posture. Whatever the reason for back pain, you’ll want to try to avoid it in the future. If you can’t find the cause, pay your doctor a visit.

When stomach and back pain occur together, it may be a symptom of something much more serious, or it could just be something of little consequence. Either way, you need to be certain of the cause when you experience both stomach and back pain. A doctor may need to test you for acid reflux, nerve damage, and cancers. Keep track of your symptoms as your doctor will ask you such questions as:

  • Is it a sharp pain or a dull pain?
  • When and how often do you have pain?
  • Is the pain made worse by sneezing or coughing?
  • Is the pain interrupting your sleep?

If you pay attention to your stomach and back pain, these questions shouldn’t be too hard to answer. After asking you questions about your stomach and back pain, the doctor will know whether to begin treatments or order appropriate tests to determine the causes of your discomfort. Getting all of this done as soon as you begin experiencing stomach and back pain will often make the treatment easier, less painful, and more effective.

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